This was a GREAT project that really turned out nice!

This is a great example of the service we provide at Maus Performance. The owner of this Yamaha YZF 450 SE had siezed the crankshaft from lack of quality oil in the crankcase (my pitch for Spectro oil). He tried to fix it on his own because the dealer estimate was not an option. Relizing it was too much work, he found us. We took this project in pieces and rebuilt it to a MINT ATV! We specialize in new 4 stroke engines and know what it takes to make these better then original for power and durability. You can see from the pics we used a Hot Rod HD crank and rod assembly and replaced the piston/rings with OEM parts for durability. We always replace oil pumps because they are crucial to making these Hi-perf engines live. All of this for a super deal, typically 1/3 to 1/2 off the dealer repair cost.

BTW, The customer has decided to sell this ATV so please contact Brad if you are interested. It really is a nice wheeler and we always stand behind our work

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